Producers got friendships and 3000 PIECES are friends of us Kitten Under Tire Records.

3000 PIECES brings a cross-over of hiphop, rap, funk, rock and reggae tunez with own original elements. The band knows how to use these 5 genres on their own unique way. And bring the influences together as other big names Urban Dance SquadRed Hot Chili PeppersKool & the Gang and Bruno Mars!

So we are happy to announce they have a new single and you can view it right here:


Slapgat & Kitten Under Tire Records (feat. Thijs Dubbelink) – Sunset Melon

Nights get longer, water gets warmer, life gets better. As we await the starlight and the silvery moon, the shadows of the trees dance upon the cedar fence. They dapple the wood, the leaves flickering like candlelight, creating a new picture from moment to moment.

Amid the perfume of the summer blooms, feeling the cool of the evening wash over us as the waves kiss sun-warmed sand, we savour this moment together. From neigbouring gardens comes the music of laughter, the promise of playfulness and new joys to brighten our dreams. Enjoy the vibes with Slapgat & Kitten Under Tire Records (feat. Thijs Dubbelink) – Sunset Melon

Ben on the Dancefloor – Not A Fantasy

Ben en Ruurd. Wie kent ze niet? Het legendarische zangduo besloot vorig jaar zomer hun muziekcarrière op een laag pitje te zetten en zich te gaan concentreren op andere dingen. De druk werd te groot. Echter, zoals het veel muziekartiesten betaamt, miste Ben de bühne en besloot – gelukkig voor ons – aan een solocarrière te beginnen onder de naam Ben on the Dancefloor.

Kitten Under Tire Records

Via via kwam Kitten Under Tire Records met Ben in contact. Hij had een melodietje ingespeeld op de piano en zocht iemand die wilde helpen met het produceren van zijn nieuwe nummer. Geheel vrijblijvend boden wij onze hulp aan. We zagen Ben nu eenmaal graag weer terug op het podium – de plek waar hij hoort en zich thuisvoelt.

Ben Benjamin De Ruiter

Not a fantasy!

Na veel koffie, brainstormsessies en uren in de studio te hebben gezeten, is het nummer precies zo geworden als Ben in gedachten had. Het is volgens hem zelfs de geboorte geweest van een nieuw genre: Happy Hipcore. Volgens ons dé ontdekking van 2018. Nu al. Na het opnemen van de vocalen, presenteren wij dan ook met gepaste trots zijn nieuwe single: Not A Fantasy! Ben is zeer tevreden over de samenwerking met ons en meer dan trots op het eindresultaat. En wij ook.

Als dank ontvingen we nog een cd met al zijn hits. Deze hangt nu mooi te pronken aan de muur in onze studio. Wat een held. Wil jij graag eens een optreden bijwonen van deze talentvolle zanger, waar hij naast zijn nieuwe single ook de hit I fly with you ten gehore brengt? Kan! Ben treedt wekelijks op. Kun jij niet wachten om zijn nieuwe single te beluisteren? Tune dan nu in op Spotify:

Media: Skoften Sloopservice

Kitten Under Tire Records – Kats Kapot (feat. Slapgat)

Our producer slapgat is dj and producer and he is fascinated by house. And he heard alot of low voices so he thought lets create an awesome track with low voices in it. The lyrics are “Kats kapot en de biet lupt vot, Kats kapot en de biet lupt vot, hennig an, hennig an, hennig an”. This means: “Totally broken and the beat moves on, Totally broken and the beat moves on, take it easy, take it easy, take it easy”. This is ofcourse a darker meaning but the thought he put in to it was funny because he had alot of shows and he reminded hiself okay lets party more but take it easy in the future which never happens ofcourse.

So enough talking here it is with a dutch moving clip to keep you guys sportive and fit:

Oh, Be Clever – River (Toiletflusher Remix)

We heard the song and we couldnt resist to create a remix so here it is.

Indie, electro, soul is a category of sound squarely cornered by Salt Lake City’s breakout duo Oh, Be Clever. Vocalist and wordsmith Brittney Shields effortlessly uses Cory Scott Layton’s refreshing rush of instrumentals as a conduit for spinning tales of love, loss and living in the 21st century. The pair, however, haven’t always enjoyed perfect harmony. Prior to Oh, Be Clever the two were members of separate bands which loathed each other to the point of physical violence. Late one night after a show, in the parking lot, a fight broke out between their two bands. Having always admired each other, Shields and Layton left the scene of the fight to create their own music. Later that very night, after disappearing together, the two alerted their previous bands that they were done. Oh, Be Clever was born. The goal from the beginning was to create a new sound completely different from their previous efforts. Layton knew that Shields’ voice could roll and run, drop and drip, cascade and plunge like no other in Salt Lake City. Together these two set out to create the perfect sound to spark Oh, Be Clever to life.

Diforno Dj – Oscillator 3

Diforno Dj straight from Italy is back with a new house song. He loved to stand behind his pioneer decks. But he recorded a special house track for you guys.

Il fornello a gas Rangemaster ha un forno a gas da 58 litri. Con le 4 zone di cottura e il grande forno è sufficiente spazio per preparare i piatti in modo ottimale. Questo forno ha anche un timer. Questi possono essere usati come fornelli, oppure per spegnere una zona di cottura o un forno dopo un certo periodo di tempo.